Many userland updates and changes

If you have followed to the changes in git you might hav enoticed that master has now switched to glibc 2.16 and gcc 4.6.3, an experimental branch for gcc 4.7.x and glibc 2.17 is in the works.

Raspberry Pi SD image in the works

We finally have a nice ARM platform to work with, the Raspberry Pi. A TA-Linux based SD image is in the works, optimized from the start for arm6 with Hard Floatingpoint support (armhf). Userland will be based and built on glibc 2.17 from git and gcc 4.7.1.
A cross compiled userland to get the ARM port up and running has been done and rest of the userland is building at the momemnt. A downloadable SD image will be available soon.

Improvments starting to happen

We are not dead yet ! Far from it, new build machines have been sourced, a couple UltraSparcs, a 64-bit PA-RISC and a PowerPC G4 Macintosh. And Gnome 3.4.1 is brewing in branch, KDE has beeing updated to 4.8.2 and we are also moving to glibc 2.15 and gcc 4.6.3. Also package amount is slowly creeping up to 2000.


We had a massive hardware failure (all 3 disks in a RAID-5) and lost most of the web and wiki content. We are working on restoring as much a possible of the old data and redoing much of what can't be restored. This will take a while.
Fortunately everything related to TA-Linux build system is intact as everything is stored in git and we had clones all over. Stay tuned for more information.