TA-Linux is a hybrid source/binary Linux distribution, that defaults to a very small and compact installation that can be adapted for whatever it needs to be: a server, powerful workstation or desktop environment.
It tries to keep to upstream sources only and with minimal amount of patching, to have a clear and transparent system without any secrets. What you get from upstream you get from TA-Linux.
We like the command line so this is not a no-CLI-ever type of distribution, so if you are looking for an easy to install and ready to use desktop GUI distribution then you are looking at the wrong distribution, sorry.

TA-Linux is for users that like to tweak their system and be the one who says how things should look, TA-Linux tries very hard not to force any policy other than what's really necessary for a functional system.

Collection system

The core of the distribution is the Collection system, an integrated software distribution, build and package management system. Many options and optimizations can be tweaked if the defaults does not suite you, so you can adapt the installation to whatever your needs are. The Collection contains


Another major feature of TA-Linux is the support for many different architectures. Many are already supported and many are planned.

  • i386
  • x86_64
  • Alpha
  • Sparc 32-bit and 64-bit
  • m68k
  • sun3